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A higher education company with colleges, universities, and career-focused teaching facilities across the country, is in the process of closing a number of its campuses and partnered with Rightsize Facility to manage all phases of decommissioning 17 campuses in nine different states: California, Nevada, New York, Florida, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Rightsize is an industry leader in sustainable facility decommissioning, with expertise in asset disposition and space restoration. The Rightsize team approached each location as a unique opportunity, evaluating the best way to liquidate assets. Rightsize reused 75% of all assets, selling some on-site via auction, donating some to charities, and transporting some to the Rightsize warehouse for repurposing.

On every campus, Rightsize managed labor for decommissioning, working with numerous vendors – including painters, electricians, and waste management companies – to restore all spaces to pre-lease conditions. Projects included pulling cables, removing large-format signs, and demolishing walls. Because campuses were located across multiple states, Rightsize had to coordinate complex city permits and meet various property management requirements.

The company is so pleased with the success of this decommissioning work that it has started a new project with Rightsize. The $1.5 million initiative will refurbish the company’s call center workstations, and provide fresh new seating, carpeting, and paint for its corporate headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois.